Monday, August 31, 2009

We had our first offical Muffin Tin Monday today! the kids loved it! I decided to do an after school snack so Maddison could enjoy it too! It was circus theme today so I did animal crackers dipped in yogurt, peanuts, cinnamon bears, and licorice lion tamer whips. I also got them wind up circus toy figurines and animal shaped air fresheners for their rooms. (for some reason they LOVE air fresheners... I wonder where they got this obsession from?? ;) ) Also me and Braden did some shopping and had our first day of home pre-school... it went pretty good. I decided that I am going to supplement his public school preschool with some one on one time. I will talk more about this later... but I must run and go get ready for work.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kids Command Central

This is my command central for my kids. We have a magnetic calendar on the top for activities, appt.s, and also the weather. Then we have the hooks for backpacks, umbrellas, and when it cools down a little more jackets. Then underneath we have homework bins, they have all the supplies we need to do our homework. In the winter I will get a drawer for each to put winter clothing in as well...