Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!
We had an amazing Valentines Day! Hope you all did too! The kids were more excited to wake up this morning then on Christmas... they couldn't wait to "hunt" for their gifts. They worke up at 7 this morning and followed the picture clues to find a gift from dad and mom. We got them scooters!!! They were both so excited they were riding them all around the house. We then had pink heart pancakes and sausage for breakfast. We then got ready Mad in a new pink
shirt and Braden in his new red and I work an "I Love Tom" shirt which the kids found so funny. Tom and I exchanged gifts he got me The Time Travelers Wife movie, chocolates, and a very sweet card. I made him a bunch of candy bar sayings why I love him... (i.e. You always make me "snicker") and wrote him a little love letter. We then went and visited Grandpa & Grandma Jensen the kids brought their new scooters to ride around. My sweet Dad and Mom gave them a cute school supply set and chocolate box in their fave character themes (B= Cars M= Tinker Bell) and books. They also gave me and Tom giant Hershey kisses and movie tickets. So nice! Thanks again! Then we went home and rested for a while then had our traditional Valentine's Day Dinner! We had our heart shaped pizza and I made chocolate chip cookies. We have had heart shaped pizza every year for probably 5 years now. We eat by candle light and usually use the fancy dishes. Although this year I gave myself a gift and used Vday themed paper stuff as I worked tonight! What a special Great Day! I love all my family sooo much and am so happy to have them all in my life! What a fun way to celebrate my Love for them!


  1. Cute blog! Sounds like you had a lot of fun for the holiday. My kids loved it too; we stretched it out all week!

  2. Looks like you guys do a ton of cute stuff for V-Day! That's so fun, I'm really happy to have found that you blog! I wish I had known sooner! I love finding new blogs to read!