Sunday, March 7, 2010

Braden's 4th Birthday!!!
Wow my little baby boy is 4! Time flies!!! We threw an amazing birthday weekend! His actual birthday was on Friday, so we opened his presents from us and had Brownies! He got a race track, Cars set, cars, Wubzy DVD, and Little Big Planet game. All together it was a fun day! Then came the big day! On Saturday we invited some of Braden's close friends and painted cars then raced them! It was really funny because we ended up having more girls than boys come. So we had a LOT of
pink race cars. All the kids got trophies and little snack bags to take home. On Sunday we had grandparent, Aunts and Uncles and any other family who wanted to
come over for cake and ice cream! This was such a fun birthday with a great year to come!

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