Thursday, April 8, 2010


What a fun Easter! We had a super fun Easter egg hunt at my friend Brittney's. The kids seriously LOVE this! They have so much fun and it's so nice to get together with some kids but not so many that Braden gets overwhelmed... It was such a fun party, thanks again Brittney! We colored eggs as a family! This year was really fun because everyone finally got it... (last year Braden had more fun dying himself :) ) Maddison wanted all her eggs to be pretty pastel and Braden wanted all of his eggs to be blue. That is so my kids! Easter morning the kids woke up at 7 and were sooo excited! They loved all of their basket goodies and had so much fun hunting eggs! This year the easter bunny put money in the eggs and the kids couldn't believe it! They were so happy! We then got all fancied up and went out to my mom and dads for lunch and some fun and silly easter games! We had so much fun! It was neat to just relax and play around and not worry so much about running the games... and the food my mouth is still watering thinking about it!!! Mom I wish I still had you to cook for me more often! Thanks again Mom, Dad, and Amy for a special afternoon! We then went home exhausted and relaxed till I had to go to work! What a great Easter!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring has sprung! Can you tell? This was taken yesterday on the kids 1st day of Spring Break. They played with the neighbors and built a snow fort!!! And no this was no April Fools day joke! Unfortunately...
Well, with the prank my house pulled on us I didn't get to do all that I had planned for April fools but was at least able to do a few silly things... I put plastic wrap across our bedroom door and scared the heck out of Tom! And put up April Fools signs on the kids doors so they couldn't get out! Also we had eggs for desert which were actually whip cream and peach halves!

Well we had a very exciting night last Wednesday! At about 10:30 Tom noticed Kitty was acting very upset and that his paws were soaking wet. So he went into detective mode... Kitty's litter box is in our crawl space so it was the first place he checked. Sure enough there was water everywhere in there! Up to 2 inches in some places! So we followed the water to a pipe the was leaking (to be technical not leaking but flowing)... and hurried and turned the water supply to the house off. We then had to move all the boxes and furniture and such out to let the floor dry. We set up all of our houses space heaters and fans to help it dry out. And went to bed several hours later. The next morning still without water we called in a plumber who came and fixed our pipe at about 2:00 that afternoon!!! So no water almost for one full day! He fixed the section of pipe which i guess someone had put a nail through when they built the house for $185! But it's fixed and things are all about dry! I'm still trying to have a sense of humor over all that happened! And am glad to have it all over with...
Sorry to everyone you all have to survive my nerdy moment! But my flowers are blooming and I'm so excited!!! I Love spring! And can hardly wait for all my flowers to poke their sleepy heads up from the ground! So of course I took pics and thought I would share them with you all!
Well those tricky Leprechauns did it again! They escaped our trap! Luckily for us they left us chocolate cold coins, green candy, stickers, and fun necklaces. We had a fun day we started with green eggs and toast and green milk for breakfast. Had green donuts for an after school snack. And Tom made us green grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner! What a fun day!!!