Friday, April 2, 2010

Well we had a very exciting night last Wednesday! At about 10:30 Tom noticed Kitty was acting very upset and that his paws were soaking wet. So he went into detective mode... Kitty's litter box is in our crawl space so it was the first place he checked. Sure enough there was water everywhere in there! Up to 2 inches in some places! So we followed the water to a pipe the was leaking (to be technical not leaking but flowing)... and hurried and turned the water supply to the house off. We then had to move all the boxes and furniture and such out to let the floor dry. We set up all of our houses space heaters and fans to help it dry out. And went to bed several hours later. The next morning still without water we called in a plumber who came and fixed our pipe at about 2:00 that afternoon!!! So no water almost for one full day! He fixed the section of pipe which i guess someone had put a nail through when they built the house for $185! But it's fixed and things are all about dry! I'm still trying to have a sense of humor over all that happened! And am glad to have it all over with...

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