Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going Green- Goodbye Papertowels!!!

green living  Can You Really Live Without Paper Towels?

So in an attempt at going green I trying to greatly reduce my consumption of paper towels. I literally go through a roll every day or two :O CRAZY!!!

So of course being the crafter I am I had to make a cute container to put them in first. I was so excited I used only things I had around the house.

An old wipe container, Twine from my gardening supplies, and hot glue. Pretty self explanitory.

Then I got some of Tom's old Ts and cut them up into squares.

There easy peasy... now I can snag one of these instead of a paper towel. And when I'm done throw them in the wash with my kitchen linens. Or if it's TOO messy I can still throw it away.


  1. Great idea...thanks for sharing!

  2. love this and great way to reuse the wipes container! thanks for stopping by my blog