Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New chore system- Part 1

So here at the Flores house we have a bit of a problem getting the kids to do their daily chores. I feel like lately it has been nothing but me nagging. So now we are going to start a new system. First off they are getting a raise... (Mad is SUPER excited) they will be going from .25 a day to a possibility of .50 a day.

I made all of these cute little magnets by printing pics off the internet gluing on little scrapbooking paper squares then laminating then gluing magnets on the back. I then stuck them to my magnetic kitchen door. They will then move the magnets from to do to done after doing each item. First thing the next morning we will sit down and go over the magnets from the day before together and they will earn .05 each for each one that is done. No more nagging. If they are done they get paid if not they miss out...

We are also going to start up a different system for dividing up the money for savings, spendings, and charity. But that is not quite finished so stay tuned...


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  2. Great idea..chore much to do :)..does it work? I had a list of chores when i was a child..but this is so much better :)