Monday, July 5, 2010

New Light Switch

Please excuse the disgusting switch and screws re-doing the cover made me realize that I need to replace these as well. So that will be next to do on my list. But wow I love the way the cover turned out I just couldn't wait to show off how cute it is! And it was so easy too! All I did was find some paper I liked, (I actually even printed mine off the internet) cut it to size with a little overlap to fold around the back, then mod podged it to my cover plate with 3 coats then sprayed a protective coat on it. Lots of extra protection as it is for my 7yo daughters room.


  1. Looks fab! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  2. Running to get my Modge Podge ASAP!

  3. Hi ! I used to make my own light switch covers too! I forgot until you blogged this uber-cute one!

    I follow you - just joined your site on GFC! I am looking forward to reading more on your site!

    I hope you will follow me back at