Friday, July 16, 2010

Ribbon Canvas Art

Hi! Yay I'm finally able to post up some of the crafts I have been working on! I am so sorry I didn't take any pics as I was making these but they are so super easy I promise you won't need them! Here is what I did...
I started out with some canvases one was 11X16 the other was probably 18X18.
I then took some cute fabric and glued it to the canvas.
I hot glued it to the back.
I then picked out 2 colors of ribbon and hot glued them on the back as well.
I admit I eye-balled them but you could measure them as well.
There you go so easy but so cute. I will then pick out some of my fave pics and such to slide in the ribbon. Enjoy!
*Oh ya I almost forgot the big one is for Mad's room and the little one goes in my craft space!


  1. Those are both really cute! I think they call them french press boards or something like that. I have one in my kitchen that I bought. No where near as cute because it's just plain cream colored. BUT I have it jam packed with pictures (your xmas picture from a couple years ago is up there somewhere!) Plus it's great for stuffing coupons and other stuff I don't want to lose! So cute.

  2. Thanks Kerry! I couldn't remember the name of these for anything!

  3. Oooh I love it Renae, I've been looking for one of those to match my room. Now I think I'm going to make one! Thanks!

  4. These are beautiful. Your choice of fabric and ribbon colors are gorgeous. I have a few of these board and I love them but they are not as pretty as your creations.