Thursday, July 1, 2010

Terra cota plant coaster

I made these coasters for gifts the other day and love how they turned out I think I am going to make some for me! They were so easy. Here's how I made them.

Sorry no pics I am still getting used to the blogging thing :)

1. Paint them
2. Cut out the circles from your fave paper (I made 3" circles on my cricut)
3. Mod Podge them in place
4. Seal the whole thing
See easy peasy


  1. How funny we both did the soap dispenser & the coasters!! lol

  2. Adorable! These would make awesome gifts! My grandmother would love a set with a picture of all the grandkids in the middle!

  3. those are darling! really cute idea :)
    love the fun colors, especially turquoise. saving this to make later.

    *come take a look at my blog too if you'd like :)