Friday, July 9, 2010

This is the place Heritage Park

Today This is the Place Heritage Park had a free day. This is the place is a park dedicated to the pioneers that founded SLC. They have old buildings, items, and actors being the pioneers. So I threw my to-do list to the wind and took the kids on down. I am so happy I did! We had such a fun time! They had a whole bunch of activities going on. They had crafts, singers, and games. We had so much fun doing all these then checked out all the old buildings. It was a great afternoon and I always have tomorrow to do my projects... (right?)

Anyways here is a few fun pics from today...

In front of the old hotel
Donut eating contest. (Not really sure how this involves pioneers but was still a lot of fun!)
Train ride with popsicles. Life doesn't get any better for Braden.

In front of an old house.

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