Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling Blue

Not my most fun post tonight. So you can skip right on by if you want. Sorry! Hoping to be happy and upbeat tomorrow. It's the night before my daughter starts school and I am feeling so sad tonight :( I can't quite decide the reason. I have a few...
- Summer is done
-She is getting so stinking big! It kills me how fast she is growing up
-She keeps begging me to stay home
-I am going to miss her so so much
I'm so sorry to be complaining but I just needed a place to get it out. Hubby is asleep and I'm feeling a bit lonely so I thought I would spill it out here. If you read thanks and I promise not to moan and groan for a while again... I do feel a bit better now. Maybe I will go get the fun things ready for tomorrow stay tuned I promise to share pics.


  1. Awe .. I feel your pain. Our kiddies grow up so quickly. I hope you are feeling better today!

  2. HUGs for you Mama, it does get easier... promise! We'll have lots of fun tomorrow, and the rest of the week!