Monday, August 16, 2010

Maddie's 1st day of school!

Hi! I am feeling much better today! YAY! Maddison had a pretty good day at school. She still wants to be home but at least says school wasn't THAT bad. :) I take it as a compliment that she isn't sick of me by the end of summer :P Anyways for the 1st day of school we always do a 1st day gift. This year I tried making the kids Schultuete school cones. (I gave Braden his early. I knew he wouldn't want to wait) It's a tradition in Germany. The kids loved them!

Maddie's 1st day outfit! She picked it out herself this year!

Maddison and her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Winegar

And of course you can't forget the most important part! The 1st day of school cake! (we have done this every year since pre-school) Braden helped me decorate it this year!

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  1. With her cone, cake and great outfit (she looks adorable!) she's off to a great school year! Love the photos.