Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Trap

The leprechaun trap is set! The kids had so much fun with this easy trap! We just covered a shoe box with aluminum foil and decorated with very shiny stickers. Then went on a hunt to find gold and shiny things around the house to use as bait and held it up with a stick.

So excited to see if we catch some leprechauns and get their gold!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Party

On Sunday we had a Family Party for Braden. I must of still been exhausted because I really did not take many pics. But it was a nice afternoon of visiting and eating the delicious Backyardigans cake!

Braden's BIG day!

It finally arrived! Braden's birthday! He has been counting down for at least two weeks now (i.e. "Mom 14 days until I turn 5)! I woke up to my little man jumping up on my bed telling me "Mom I'm 5 now!" He has been soooo excited about turning 5. Well once we got up from our morning snuggle we were greeted by another wonderful snow storm. Which is made even better when the present he has wanted the most was a big boy bike.... But we just rode the bike around the house instead :)

But we were too excited to let that get us down! So off to the kitchen we went... I threw the cinnamon rolls in the oven and we started to open presents. (I made the pom-poms which amazed Braden almost as much as his presents) And were pleasantly surprised by Tom stopping in to watch us open presents for a minute!

What an awesome Dad!

Then later that night we headed to Pizza Factory for dinner and Fat Cats for bowling! It was a super fun night with some of our favorite people! Then we went home and crashed, what a special day!

Birthday Dessert!

Bowling Buddies!

STRIKE!!! (Sorry about the horrible lighting, the bowling went all cosmic on us)

Braden's Class Birthday Party

We celebrated Braden's birthday with his class on the Thursday before his birthday! He was so excited! He had to have chocolate donuts to share with all of his friends!

Amy's Shower Invite

I finished my sisters invite for her bridal shower and love how they turned out! Her colors are lavender and purple. She is also getting married in Maui so I wanted to go for a bit of a tropical feel. (Also, please excuse my magnets I decided to go for a more natural photo editing :P )